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Malnatt MAXI Market SWINESONG is out!
Swinesong is different from the previous albums released by the band. 15 new songs composed to celebrate 15 years of the band with lyrics inspired to the 15 tattoos that Porz has on his body.
Listen to de digital version on-line (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer...) then order the luxurious digi-cd HERE.

Malnatt MAXI Market Malnatt MAXI Market
From June 2013 we have a brand new on-demand store based on the SpreadShirt servers. Please visit Malnatt MAXI Market!

Malnatt Mini Market Malnatt Mini Market
From december 2012 we have a brand new on-line store based on the BigCartel servers. Please visit Malnatt Mini Market!

Next Malnatt album New Malnatt album

Next Malnatt album Very big gift!
Our version of "Too old too cold" (Darkthrone) in streaming for a limited period only on

Next Malnatt album Working on a brand new album!
After 3 years of silence we are working on material for a untitled album. The music is always the same recycling of riffs already heard but this time we will improvise in the arrangements and in the mix, just to save money. We are not at all eager to enter the studio and probably the next album will be less violent and less inspired than ever.

Benvenuto Bigat

Welcome to Bigat
A new guitarist joined the band to summon the devil with his 6-strings-battle-axe!

Malnatt Web 2.0!

Malnatt web 2.0!
Real time updates for you: visit our Facebook space and became follower of our Twitter page. Keep in touch metallers from all over the wolrd!!!

Malnatt -The Voice of the Dead - Release date: May 30, 2008 Listen to the voice of the dead!
We have finished recording and mixing our new album "La Voce dei Morti" (The voice of the dead) at the Fear Studios in Alfonsine (Ravenna). It will be released on 30th May, 2008 by CCP Records and SPV distribution.
9 songs of existential uneasiness voiced out by the words of the greatest international poets. 45 minutes of indescribable and original music which will take the specialized press aback. [click here for samples]

download Apple iTunes We are on iTunes Music Store!
You maniacs who download music! your time has come!! from the Apple iTunes Music store ( you can get "Carmina Pagana", "Happy Days" and "La voce dei Morti" high quality AAC files.
It's only € 0,99 each song, or € 8,91 for a whole abum.

Malnatt on iTunes Music Store

Two new Malnàtt videoclips available on YouTube for free!! You can get Bulaggna (taken from the album Carmina Pagana) and Como Poden (from Perle Per Porci).

New music!
We have started working on new songs, only 2 months after releasing Happy days. Actually, we just wanted to relax a little bit and bring our show all around Italy, but we signed with CCP Records and we have to record another album by the end of April, 2008. Our purpouse is to create something better than what we did before..nevertheless, considering the very high quality of our music, we ask ourselves: how can we do that?!?!

New line up!
After the kidnapping of Giaz, two new members of the Malnatt Jugend have joined the band: Pastroz (guitar - card n.13) and LavaNaigra (keyboards - card n. 19). Considering their personal attitudes, Pastroz is now in charge of the instrumentation while LavaNaigra takes care of the relationship with foreign countries.

New website!
This is the 4th version of Malnątt website, which has many things in common with the artwork of Happy Days.

New album!
February, the 23rd 2007: the new album Happy Days (under the austrian CCP Records) is out. The title is inspired by the homonymous Samuel Beckett's drama. Visit! There you can download a Turbonegro cover entitled "Black Rabbit", a song recorded at the Fear Studios while setting Happy Days.

Split & reunion
July, the 13th - 1 o'clock p.m.: we broke up. At 4 o'clock p.m. we got together again. We hope this news draws attention on us and helps to increase Carmina Pagana sales.

Bonus track
The composition of a new album, whose title could be "Great but gone moments", is almost over. During the year 2005, we had been recording a Moonspell cover at the Fera Studios, entitled Alma Mater. We decided not to publish that song, yet to make it available for all of you.

The end of the phonographic means
You insane!!! The time has finally come for you who download music! As a matter of fact, you can download every single song from Carmina Pagana for only 0.99 cents each! Very high quality!

Downloads from Carmina Pagana
In the Discography section, you can now find a sample of all the 9 songs taken from Carmina Pagana. It's only MP3 low quality files lasting 30 seconds each! They absolutely won't give you an idea about the music we play.

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