Malnatt, pagan black metal in dialetto bolognese!!!
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Malnatt - Porz
Malnatt - Lerd Malnatt - Mort Malnatt - Gumira



Loki (1999-2000)
Augustus Madrigal (2001)
Yggdrasill/Braz (2001-2002, 2009-2010)
Boia (2002)
Leder (2003-2006)
Lèrz (2004-2009)
Pastroz (session 2006, line-up 2007-2008)
Bigat (2010-2013)


Balder (2000-2001)
Karaggna (2001-2002)
Mat (2003-2008)
Gumira (2009-2011, 2014-present)
Aldamera (2011-2013)


Canaja (1999-2008)
Lerd (2009-2013, 2014-present)


Giaz (2004-2007)
LavaNaigra (2007-2008)


Bistia (1999-2003)

Backing vocals

Dsgrazia (session 2002, line-up 2004-2006)


Bax - Vocals (Tetralogia Vichinga, Perle Per Porci)
Elric Blackcrow - Trumpet (Carmina Pagana, Happy Days, La voce dei morti)
Elisa Bonazzi - Female Vocals (Necro Swine Black Metal, Carmina Pagana, Happy Days)
Zecc' - Bass (live)
Sara Pistone -Female Vocals(Principia Discordia)
Il Boia Malefico - Samples, Vocals (Principa Discordia)


A quite unstable line-up gives birth to a Thrash metal band with the accordion, called Kolon.


Its name turns into Asgard, to pay homage to the epic themes that characterize the first lyrics. A deep interest in Black Metal starts growing.


After releasing Tetralogia Vichinga, the band leaves the epic and mythological themes and becomes more and more interested into popular music and folks. As a matter of fact, the name itself changes into Malnatt, a word taken from the Bolognese dialect.


The band is aware that it lives to support the Swine Supremacy and all the things that deal with it, socially, ideologically and culinary speaking. The band proposes a new original stuff which could be called "Folk Black Metal", completely sung in a dialect from Bologna. Its first manifestation is given by the self-produced full-length Perle per Porci.


The independent label Il Male Production has been founded in order to support the band which is now waiting for a real agreement to be signed. The full-length Perle per Porci is now being published for the second time.


The band decides to get rid of the accordion, aware that it is also possible to go on without that hystorical instrument. Malnątt produces a split cd called Necro Swine Black Metal, together with Thodde, a band from Perugia.


In April, the band signs an agreement with the austrian CCP Records. In July, the full-length Carmina Pagana is out.


Malnatt music has been dried up and it's now at its utmost. The lyrics become real invectives and the members are now 5.


February the 26th, the second album under CCP Records is out. Its title is a homage to the homonymous Beckett's drama. After recording, the band is no longer made up of 5 members, but only 4. After one only month, the members are 6.


May, the 30th 2008: the third album La Voce dei Morti is out. 9 songs of existential uneasiness voiced out by the words of the greatest international poets.


It's time for a brand new line-up: new drummer, new guitarist, new bass player! Young and brave soldiers have joined the Malnatt Army!


It's time for the new line-up to compose, play and arrange new songs!
Malnatt appears in the tv-fiction "L'ispettore Coliandro" and on-stage at the Italian Gods of Metal.


On Spring Malnatt lost Gumira. Now the band has only three members.

Porz, Lerd, Bigat, Aldamera: the best line-up ever composed Principia Discordia, the best album ever.
Out for Bakerteam Records december the 3rd, 2012.

Porz decides that he and no other is Malnatt. From now on, those who want to play in Malnatt it will have to do exclusively respecting the tastes, the times, the needs and whims of the Master.

To celebrate 15 years of Malnatt are composed 15 new songs from Porz, Mort, Gumira and Lerd, using a new technique of writing and composing songs that does not require human interaction in the rehearsal room or the democratic arrangement of the music. The result? Amazing!

Swinesong is out for Il Male Production. 15 new songs composed to celebrate 15 years of the band with lyrics inspired to the 15 tattoos that Porz has on his body.


What is Malnątt?
Malnątt is a Mystical Music Order which takes inspiration from the Order of the Templar Knights and works to create a New Worldwide Order. Externally, Malnątt seems to be a real band, but only those who take part of the Inner Circle really know the secrets of the Order. Malnątt is a sort of micro-society that dwells parallel (but not subordinately) to the macro-society in which we daily live, awaiting a Revolution against the Modern times to come.

What is the meaning of the term "Malnątt"?
Malnątt is a word taken from the Bolognese dialect which means "dirty", often used in the countryside as a swear word.

What is the Malnatt Jugend?
The Malnatt Jugend is the élite of the Outer Circle, disguised as a fanclub (

Where, in this website, I can found band pictures?
In the live page, under some tourdate there's a clickable "gallery" link.

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